Private Bellydance Lessons

If you are looking for one-on-one, personalized instruction, private classes may be for you.

Photo by Dirk Linton

Photo by Dirk Linton

Private classes are wonderful for special focus on an element of dancing such as playing finger cymbals, layering or musicality, as well as general technique.

Current Open Time Slots
Saturday 2:00
Monday at 5:00
You may request a different time slot below. Weekday afternoons usually available. Weekends subject to availability for one-time classes
Request a time slot – SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. Submitting this form does not confirm your appointment time. You will receive a response shortly and negotiate a time.

65.00 per hour
15% discount for block of four lessons

Private lesson examples


Photo by Don Hinton

Basics Brush Up
This lesson is designed to catch new students up when they join class mid-session, or for students who have some prior experience and would like to place out to a higher level class. Also look for our Crash Course Workshops, scheduled regularly to jump start into course material.

Skill Target
A common need for private lessons is to target work on a particular subject such as playing zills or help with difficult steps such as belly rolls or back bends. Contact us with information on what you need to focus on.


Catch Up on Choreography
Schedule time to work privately on class or troupe choreography

Solo Coaching
One of our teachers will work with you to put all the finishing touches on your solo. Guidance on staging, articulation, expression, technique, musicality and more. (Your own choreography or choreography you have license to perform)

Choreography, instruction and coaching
Comission an original work just for you. A solo will be tailored to your skill level, working closely with your individual taste and vision. You will receive a full set of written notes and then work one on one to learn and perfect the choreography. You will be given a lifetime license to use the choreography whenever you wish. This service is priced according to two rates:
Choreographing fee: 50.00 per finished minute of choreography
Teaching and coaching fee: 40.00 per hour